Low Residency Graduate M.A. Option:


Academic Program Requirements


ART 640 Literature of Art Education (online course)

ART 680 Seminar in Art History (online course)

ART 600 Research methods in Art (UNC campus)

ART 642 Art Curriculum and Instruction (online course)

ART 696 Action Research in Art Education I (credits taken online)

ART 697 Action Research in Art Education II (credits taken on campus)

Four upper level courses (studio and art history) offered on UNC campus during summer session

Total 30 Credits


Before Applying Please note:

The University of Northern Colorado is unable to accept applications for online courses or programs from students located in the following states: Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee. If you reside in one of these states, and would like us to inform you at such time as the Univesrity of Northern Colorado is able to accept your application for online courses or programs, please email Dairay.Richards@unco.edu. Please include your state of residence in your email.


Unique Fact/Benefit

  • In order to better meet the needs of the working art educator, the School of Art & Design now offers a low residency delivery option for it's Master of Arts degree.
  • The low residency program maintains the established in-depth and individualized course of study of the existing Masters program and is also 30 credit hours.

Program Summary:

The low residency program is a hybrid model consisting of two summer residencies and coursework conducted online and in face-to-face meetings, as needed. during two fall and spring semesters, you are a member of the same cohort group throughout the program and study with other professionals-sharing ideas, problems and successes related to everyday challenges you face.


Key Benefits and Career Options Upon Completion:

  • Take courses designed to fit your schedule
  • Learn through both expert faculty and practical field application
  • Discover new resources and contacts
  • Develop helpful perspectives on current trends
  • Reconnect with your art studio practices
  • Synthesize your personal talents with curricular interests
  • Develop expertise in art education, art history, and studio arts
  • Transfer new and enhanced skills to your professional work
  • The M.A. degree can be used in preparation for further, more advanced, graduate studies.

Program Excellence:

The School of Art & Design has a long history of excellence in the preparation of art educators. Degrees awarded through extended programs carry the same academic recognition as those earned on the Greeley campus.


Highly qualified UNC faculty and course instructors provide instruction in your courses. Program faculty are committed to the development of broadly-based competent professionals who are skilled in helping people with personal and career concerns.


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