Foundations Program for Art Students


The foundations program is required for all art & design majors and minors and is completed during the first year as an art student.


Our rigorous curriculum provides opportunities in both studio and art history courses and teaches essential technical and conceptual skills that prepare students for success in upper level courses.


Once completed, all students are required to submit a portfolio for review by the department, which selects candidates based on creative and academic performance. A passing grade in the foundation portfolio review is required to move forward into your area of concentration.

Foundation Courses Include:
· Art 1
· Art 2
· Drawing
· Art History I
· Art History II

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Foundation Portfolio Review

Fall 2014 Deadlines

IMPORTANT dates for the foundation portfolio review and procedure for Fall 2014 are:

  • Monday Oct 27 Mike Lemke will demonstrate photographing work in Art 2 students who would like a refresher are invited to attend on Monday 1:25-3:55, or they may contact Mike at
  • Monday Nov 3 Portfolios submitted(dropped off) in Resource Room located in Crabbe Hall by 10:00pm (swipe access)
  • Requirements include: 
  1. One matted 2D work submitted in portfolio, portfolio must be labeled with first and last name. 
  2. Students are required to include a disk with 2 digital images from each foundation class.  Images must be 72 dpi 1024x768 
  3. Images should be placed in a powerpoint for committee review. Information  on powerpoint should include: title/project, class, size, medium.  Students must demonstrate proficiency with both 2D and 3D projects. 
  4. Students will be evaluated on presentation of physical and digital portfolio, as well as the Technical/Craftsmanship, Formal  and Conceptual qualities of their work. Students must receive the minimum requirements established by committee in order to pass. IMPORTANT NOTE: Students may ONLY RESUBMIT their portfolio ONCE for re-evaluation. 
  • Week of Nov 10 students will be notified of pass/fail, copies of  assessment rubric will given to instructor on record, and placed in student folder
  • Monday Nov 17 students who did not pass may resubmit their portfolio for re-review. Drop off Location: Resource Room in Crabbe Hall by 10:00pm
  • Week of Dec 1 students who resubmitted will be notified of pass/fail, copies of rubric will be given to instructor and placed in student folder.



Design Day Spring 13

Project: Tree Transformation


Focus: Site-Specific Environmental Installation Art;
Transforming common materials to activate the space around trees

(verb) Make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of.


Sample Student work:



CLICK HERE to view DESIGN DAY Highlights for Spring Semester 2013